Founded in the Seventies thanks to its founder's invention and determination, Rotogal is in the neutral and printed adhesive tape business and pursues its own innovation mission through Italian technology and its Made in Italy products.


The name Rotogal is the combination of the word “Roto” (rotogravure) and the abbreviation of the family's surname “Gallio”, byword for constancy and passion.
The industrial plant extends according to the production increase. Continuous adjustments to the production structures are made to meet the new tape industry's requirements.
The industrial building grows with the production.
From the needs to change, Rotogal joins a continuous adaptation and development of production facilities.


1972 The brand Rotogal is created.

After proposing the purchase of the first printing machine, Angelo Gallio and his wife Bianca start producing adesive tape industrially with the brand Rotogal.


The Company grows quickly and also Angelo Gallio's brother Luigi and his wife enter into partnership with him.


The new headquarters are under construction. What is more, a new sales network composed of sellers and a sales department is created for quotation and customer support.

Rotogal's business is based on competence and investments.


After achieving the first successful results on the Italian market, Rotogal begins expanding also to the European market, invests in new printing machines and purchases the first acrylic coating machine.


The introduction of the new and impressive 2050-high “Rotomec”, one of the biggest and most technological coating lines with water-based acrylic adhesive in Europe, plays a significant role for the production development.


Rotogal inaugurates its new photovoltaic system. The idea of technology and ecology is its adhesive tape's strong point.


To meet the specific foreign market requirements, Rotogal decides to purchase a new automatic tape cutter in order to complete its tape manufacturing process.

Nowadays 35 people work at Rotogal, based in San Pietro in Gu' (Padua). Around 60% of the produced goods are exported to European and Extra-European markets.

2010 New challenges.

The brand Rotogal strengthens on the European market and to keep up with the market requirements invests in a new printing, coating and cutting line still with polypropylene film with water-based acrylic adhesive.


Rotogal celebrates its 40 years of business.


The business was developed through the efforts of its founder and current directors.
On 31 July, the company was taken over 100% by Angelo Gallio’s Family.


Installation of the new printing machine ONYX by "UTECO" with 8 color.
The workforce has increased by 10 people.


Arrival of a new machine for printing PVC department.


During the "IPACK-IMA" fair in Milan, from 29 May to 1 June, Rotogal celebrates the 45th anniversary of the founding.


Installation of a new slitting machine provided with an automatic packaging system.
July 2019: end of the expansion of the new production division of 4200 sqm.


Inauguration of the new productive division, warehouse and offices.